Magnetic Recumbent Exercise Bikes

Exercise Equipment - Magnetic Recumbent Exercise Bikes

Keeping fit has never been easier ! Yet a large percentage of the population remains resolutely overweight. To lose weight and get fit there are many different types of exercise equipment you can use. Elliptical trainers, treadmills, and now the recumbent exercise bike. A low-impact workout that helps you lose fat and lets you lie down and exercise at the same time ! phoenix 99608 magnetic recumbent exercise bike The recumbent bike allows an effective cardio workout with little stress, strengthens the lower body, and improves circulation and posture. The recumbent exercise bike is also safer than other forms of exercise bike with the same health benefits.

Phoenix Magnetic Recumbent Exercise Bike

The Phoenix Magnetic Recumbent Exercise Bike is based on recumbent magnetic resistance and features 8 levels of resistance. The handles are on the seat not the frame, for maximum back support. It has user-friendly electronics with an adjustable frame for different lengths and different users. Calories, distance, and speed are easy to read on the monitor Step through frame for comfort Sturdy pedals with foot straps in a very secure steel frame Easily assembled in 30 minutes Dimensions 58 x 38 x 24 inches. 1-year frame warranty. Maximum weight limit of 250 pounds

Schwinn Active 20 Series Recumbent Exercise Bike

schwinn active 20 recumbent exercise bike11 different workout programs Digital display monitors Distance, Watts, Pulse, Calories, RPM, Speed, and Time Heart rate grip sensors 8 levels of computer controlled eddy current resistance 6 preset profiles, 1 manual and 3 for heart rate control, 1 for target heart rate Maximum 275-pound user limit Dimensions 58.5 x 26 x 36 inches

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Inversion Tables and Inversion Therapy

Exercise Equipment - Inversion Tables

Inverting or inversion therapy has been practised for thousands of years by people doing yoga and was also recommended in Ancient Greece. Inversion tables can be very useful for alleviating back pain and stress. They are also increasing in popularity as a means to improve the health of your spine. Exercise Equipment Inversion Table

The benefits of using Inversion Tables

Inversion tables are a form of passive exercise equipment, unlike motorised treadmills which are a form of actvie exercise equipment. They are used to treat the negative effects of gravity notably back pain. Inverting helps your body fight the effects of gravity and is recognzed by doctors and therapists as an effective form of therapy for the spine, ankles and knees. They are even being used by the US Army.

Inverting can relieve many types of back pain.

When you lie upside down on an inversion tables gravity works to increase the space between the vertebrae and relieve pressure on the discs, nerves and ligaments in the spine.

Inverting the body for even just a few minutes can relax muscles and speed up the flow of lymph fluids. The speed with which pain disappears is determined by the speed at which waste products are removed and oxygen is introduced.

Discs fulfil the following roles :-

· they separate the vertebrae
· they ensure the spine is flexible
· they act as shock absorbers

If the distance between the vertebrae is too small pressure on the nerves can result in pain. Increasing the space between vertebrae will reduce the pressure on the discs.

Inverting is highly effective in reducing pressure.

Inversion also improves blood and lymph fluid circulation and speeds up cleansing

Inversion increases the flow of oxygen to the brain

Better blood supply and oxygen to the brain makes it function better and some people say it also improves skin colour and tone, increases alertness, and improves hearing and vision. It may even make the hair healthier, and grow back.

Inverting decongests the internal organs and can relieve varicose veins by clearing blood from your feet and legs.

(NB: People with high blood pressure should consult a doctor before embarking upon an inversion program.)

Inversion plus movement (bending and twisting from side to side, arching the back, and sitting up) can straigthen the spine

Inversion tables counter-effect the force of gravity and thousands of individuals find that inversion offers relief from back pain and rejuvenates the body.

Inversion tables cost between $200 and $1000. Two of the main brands are Stamina Products and Teeter but there are others

Inversion Table Demonstration Video


Choosing Home Exercise Equipment

Exercise Equipment - The Best Home Gym Equipment to Choose

elliptical trainer elliptical machines exercise equipment

Exercise equipment is very useful for all manner of home exercises. Your choice of excercise equipment will be made according to the level of exercise you want to do. Prices for home exercise equipment vary greatly so you need to check online to find the best bargain.

It is important to be aware of safety when using excercise equipment and the space it will take to use and to store it. It is also very important, to know what kind of exercises you like to do, because they are decisive for your motivation. If you enjoy doing the exercises, it will be easy to keep up doing them. Know what is your current level of fitness and then decide what level you want to attain. Finally your budget will also be an important element in the choice of your home equipment.

Elliptical trainers, treadmills, step machines, exercise bikes, cross-country ski machines, these are some of the different types of gym equipment or home fitness equipment on offer.

Different Types of Fitness Equipment

  • Exercise bikes are perfect for people that have a sedentary lifestyle and are just starting an exercise program. Exercise bikes don’t take a lot of room, and they are an easy non-impact way, to start to exercice.
  • Treadmills are used by a lot of people. Before you buy one be sure that you know the extent of warranty of parts. There is a wide price range from the basic to the advanced. The equipment should be of solid construction, with a smooth walking action, an wide belt, incline setting and a safety cut-off.
  • Elliptical trainers. Prices of elliptical trainers vary from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars, make sure you check the warranty and different models and to find the best deal on a well-constructed piece of equipement. Elliptical trainers are non-impact home exercise machines on which everybody can exercise. You can start to exercise at your own pace, adjusting the equipment to your level of fitness and progressing in your routine as you become fitter.

    Exercise Equipment Inversion Table
  • Inversion tables are another form of equipment that are growing in popularity. They are not exercise equipment as such but they do constitute a form of passive exercise that has many benefits for blood circulation and relieving stress and compressions of the spine and joints.

There are many other types of exercise machines or exercise equipment on offer but these are the main ones if you have room for a home gym and a large wallet then you may wish to buy them all. If you only wish to buy one then it is probably best to choose a form of fitness equipment that provides a work out for the whole body and which does not place too much strain on joints and the spine i.e. elliptical trainers .

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Motorised Treadmill Benefits and Types

Exercise Equipment - Motorised Treadmills

What is a motorised treadmill?

Basically a motorised treadmill sometimes incorrectly spelled tredmill is an item of Proform treadmill motorisedexercise equipment in the form of a conveyor belt on which you walk or run in order to remain in the same place. Does that sounds nuts ? Well yes and no. Treadmills are an excellent form of home gym equipment if you want to keep fit but you don't like the idea of walking or running in the street or in a park or if the weather is bad. It is interesting that the first treadmills were introduced in the nineteenth century in prisons ! Now we see them all over the country in gyms and at home in home gyms.

(A Proform Treadmill)

The more sophisticated and expensive versions of treadmills have a motor in them and are therefore called motorised treadmills or motorized treadmills. Treadmills without a motor are called manual treadmills.

What are the Advantages of Using a Treadmill?
A cardiovascular exercise (cardiovascular means involving the heart and blood vessels):
Walking or running on a treadmill is a good way of working out. Regular use of a treadmill increases endurance.
All treadmills include some form of shock absorption (unlike streets) and therefore reduce impact and strain on your knees, ankles and lower back.
People who prefer not to run/walk outdoors for whatever reason can use a motorised treadmill.
People who don't want to join a gym can buy their own treadmill and use it at home.
You can do other things while using a treadmill, such as watching TV or reading, or walking the dog.
A motorised treadmill allows you to calculate and adjust the slope and speed of your exercise.
Also the energy used up can be calculated.
Some treadmills have features that count the number of steps made, monitor your heart rate and the calories burned.
What are the disadvantages of using a treadmill?
You may find treadmills boring.
There is a cost involved in buying and for the electricity to run the treadmill, whereas you can exercise outside for free.
A treadmill will take up space in your home, although there are some folding treadmills.
There is always the possibility you may injure yourself, but that possibility exists outside too.
Treadmills are sometimes noisy.
A treadmill offers no wind resistance, so they are not ideal for training for outdoor races.
The degree of slope offered by treadmills, even expensive treadmills in gyms is not the same as that of medical treadmills used for stress tests.
The strict pace imposed may cause you to lose balance.
Using a treadmill is a form of cardiovascular exercise, the risk of cardiac arrest is therefore significantly increased. This risk may be greater with a treadmill as comforts such as air conditioning may cause you to feel more comfortable than would otherwise be the case.
Using a conveyor belt removes the need of any lateral force against the ground, which in turn limits the effectiveness of training on a treadmill.

The popular brands are Proform treadmills, Bowflex, Horizon, Merit, Stamina, Weslo. Prices can range from $100 for a manual treadmill to several thousand dollars for a sophisticated motorised treadmill.


Yoga Standing Postures Video

Exercise and Health - Yoga Standing Asanas Video

As you may know already yoga means union and hatha yoga is carried out with no exercise equipment with the possible exception of a yoga mat, - usually yoga is understood to mean union of the relative with the Absolute, or even of you with you ! , but it also means the removal of ignorance, as the relative is never separate from the Absolute and you are never separate from you - life is one, therefore no separation is possible and no union is necessary.

In the West yoga is often used as a means to keep fit, which it certainly is. Yoga execises will keep you supple and in good health. The only thing to remember with yoga is not to overdo anything, never stretch further than you can comfortably, progress in yoga is slow and steady. it is not a competition it is a form of meditation.

The following video is fairly basic but is well prsented and a good start to learning about yoga, as as standing exercises are a very important part of any yoga training program.

Yoga:Yoga: Standing Postures - Part 1

To discover more about yoga as a means of meditation I would recommend the teachings of Ramana Maharshi the greatest sage of the 20th century.

If you are interested in exercise using exercise equipment and fitness machines take a peek at exercise equipment


Fitness Training Video Tips

Exercise and Health - Muscle Fitness - Fitness Equipment and Resistance Training

If you are interested in exercise and fitness training in general then take a look at this VideoJug video from John Spencer Ellis EdD - he gives lots of useful information about Muscle Fitness, Resistance Training, Strength Training, Muscle Loss, How to Avoid Injury or Pain, the Proper Way to Breathe While Strength Training, which exercise equipment to use for strength training, which exercise machines make a good home gym, and tips for using a treadmill.

You can even watch it while working out or exercising, thus learning and exercising at the same time.

For example one piece of advice he gives to the question "why is resistance training important?" First and foremost because it increases bone density and the strength/integrity of the bones.

How to avoid pain or injury or when strength training? The most important point is to make absolutely sure you are ready for the session. It must be something appropriate to your level of ability and health and medical history. Make sure you warm up properly, and start with a lighter weight when necessary.

Should women do weight training ?
Women really must lift weights. Weight training will reshape a woman's body more than any other activity and they won't bulk up However as women get older, calcium is not absorbed as well as before due to the menopause and the change in oestrogen levels. As a result women are more susceptible to osteopenia and osteoporosis. Weight training can help by stimulating metabolism, maintaining good posture and improving bone density.

But check out the video there is a lot more useful information for fitness training in general.

Build Muscle: Muscle Fitness

Tips for using a treadmill
First when using a treadmill you should only hold on to the handrails when absolutely necessary. Also try some of the different options that the treadmill has to eliminate any boredom.


The Best Diet Study

Exercise and Weight Loss - Which is the Best Diet to Lose Weight?

Which is the best diet?

If you have ever wondered which is the best diet to follow to lose weight, then you are not alone.

There are so many diets and diet plans around - the Adkins Diet (the Atkins Diet), the Zone Diet, Low Calorie Diet, High Protein Diet, SouthBeach Diet, not to mention weight loss pills etc...

Well, researchers at the Pennington Biomedical Research Center and the Harvard School of Public Health have tested four popular diets -- high fat diet, high carb diet, high protein diet and low-fat diet -- to see which resulted in the greatest weight loss.

The diet tests took two years and involved 811 participants and it turns out "all the diets were winners. They all produced weight loss and improvements in lipids, reduction in insulin. The key really is that it's calories. It's not the content of fat or carbohydrates, it's just calories."

This is good news as it makes things a lot simpler, just pick the diet you like best!

In the study a quarter of participants were put on a carbohydrate-heavy diet, some on high-fat, others on low-fat and the remaining on high-protein diet.

Results showed that it didn't matter which diet people followed to lose weight, most participants had significant weight loss after 6 months, with an average weight loss of 13 pounds.

Sessions were organized with dieticians and those participants who had higher attendance in the sessions had greater weight-loss results. "These findings together point to behavioral factors rather than macronutrient metabolism as the main influences on weight loss". Motivation and discipline are key factors.

"No one of those diets is necessarily better than any other diet," Sacks said.

All the diets followed were compatible with American Heart Association guidelines.

Depending on the diet they followed, participants ate a wide range of carbohydrates, fat and protein, from healthy foods, such as olive oil, pasta and nut butter.

Based on these results, the study recommends that you choose "the diet you feel most comfortable that is healthy, that appeals to you in terms of what foods are in it, that isn't a drastic crash diet. Whatever allows you to keep the calories down and not feel really deprived."

Cindy Moore, Director of Nutrition Therapy at Cleveland Clinic said the basics of losing weight can be summarized as - limit the calories consumed so that you take in less than your body needs or increase activity to burn more energy. Hey I said that in my last post - Best Way to Lose Weight - you don't need to diet, just eat less and exercise more!

It's a slow process but the study shows it's not what diet you follow it's how discplined you are at sticking to it that counts. So just keep on keeping on!


Best Way to Lose Weight

weight loss exercise bike

Exercise and Weight Loss - What is the Best Way to Lose Weight ?

What is the Best to Lose Weight

The best way to lose weight or, as some people incorrectly spell it, the best way to loose weight, is to reduce your calorie intake and to increase the number of calories you burn, by increasing your normal eveyday physical activity or by using exercise equipment. In other words "eat less and exercise more". It's not a miracle cure but it is good old common sense. Some people of course are naturally slim and some people are naturally well rounded. So don't beat yourself up if are naturally larger, if you eat less and eat healthy then you will lose weight as long as you also exercise. So there is no need to follow weight loss programs, but you should adopt a lifestyle that will naturally lead to weight loss.

Exercise equipment such as treadmills or exercise bikes can help but exercise equipment is not actually necessary, you can get plenty of exercise walking or running in a park, or you can join a health gym where of course you can get access to all the exercise equipment you need. It is all a question of budget, as most people stop going to health gyms after about 2 months, even though they have paid for a year's subscription, so bear that in mond too.

The first step to weight loss is to have realistic goals. To do this you need to check out a BMI chart (Body Mass Index) - unfortunately all the BMI charts that people have been slavishly and sheepishly following for years have recently been discovered to be total nonsense. Did you know for example that according to BMI charts George Clooney is obese? If you have ever seen George Clooney then you know that there is no way he is anywhere near obese or even overweight. Yet according to BMI charts he is obese. This is an important point to bear in mind. If science is clearly talking nonsense then clearly you need to use some common sense too. Scientists are now revising their data and coming up with new BMI charts, so make sure you check out all the facts, before believing what you read on the first BMI chart you come across !

Secondly, your weight loss program must be aimed at losing weight gradually. Losing weight quick is not so clever as you usually just put it all back on again.

To lose weight successfully, requires a change in lifestyle, not a diet. This simply means eating less food and reducing the number of calories you intake and being more physically active. Some physical activity is actually quite pleasant !

Avoid foods which are high in calories, i.e. cookies, cakes, sweets, fried foods, fats, oils, and spreads, fizzy drinks or sodas etc... are full of sugar, even the so-called diet or lite drinks, so cut them out altogether. Reduce your intake of saturated fat, trans fat and cholesterol. Eat foods which are high in fiber, i.e. fruits, vegetables, beans, lentils, and whole grains.

Exercising more will assist weight loss, but exercise does not have to be strenuous, some studies show that several short sessions of exercise a day are as good as one long session. The advice is to do more than 30 minutes of moderate to intense physical activity each day. Walking is fine and a good way to lose weight, even just walking round the mall, in fact there is now a new craze known as mall walking, as long as you don't feed yourself while you're doing it.


Exercise Equipment and Exercise Machines

Exercise and Weight Loss - Exercise Equipment and Exercise Machines

Exercise to Lose Weight

home gym fitness equipment

The best way to lose weight is through a balanced and healthy diet and weight loss exercices which may or may not involve the use of exercise equipment. A balanced diet is composed mainly of fresh food, with plenty of vegetables and fruit. It provides all the nutrients necessary for good health and most important for vitality. The lack of some important nutrients can make us feel low in energy and reduce our ability to exercise. Exercise is also an important factor.

This vitality is a key factor if you wish to stay healthy and slim or (if necessary) to lose weight. In order to burn the calories eaten, which are stored in you body as fat you need to feel energetic enough to exercise.

Of course before embarking on any exercises outside the ones you are use to, it’s important to check and get the opinion of a health professional.

There are lots of ways you can exercise and in doing so burn those calories. You don’t need to go to the gym for that, you don’t even need a personal trainer. You can practise in your own ‘home gym’.

For instance, you can lose as much as 200 calories per hour doing the following activities, which although they are normally referred to as work are in fact another form of exercise, so make your home your gym!

  • Cleaning the house
  • Shopping, whether actually shopping, which involves the lifting of heavy weights or just window shopping
  • Gardening
  • DIY jobs such as painting and decorating, or re-designing your living space! You could even lose weight by turning one of your rooms into your very own home gym.

OR, if you prefer you can use actual exercise equipment:

You can either buy wrist weights or ankle weights or even weight vests (what are weight vests or weighted vest? – basically vests with weights inside!) that you can exercise with while watching TV, or you can make your own weights: just fill up a plastic bottle with tap water and screw tightly and use it as a small weight (remember 1 litre of water weighs 1 kilo (2 pounds)).

Elliptical Trainer Exercise Equipment Elliptical Machine

There are of course plenty of different types of exercise equipment and home exercise machines that you can buy too, if you can afford them, such as exercise bikes, exercise treadmills, exercise rowing machines, and elliptical trainers (what are elliptical trainers aka an elliptical machines? – take a look at the picture it’s easier than trying to describe it) that can be used too, all while watching your favorite TV program.

(.... Elliptical Trainer)

The secret with any exercise program is to exercise regularly.


Exercise Weight Loss Health Care

Exercise and Weight Loss - Exercise Programs for a Healthy Body

Exercise and Weight Loss Tips

Health care is expensive and is getting more and more expensive every year. Doctors are expensive and not particularly effective or reliable. It is therefore a very good idea to tale responsibility for the health and well-being of your own body.

Good health care and exercise programs, combined with good nutrition can help you stay healthy and at the same time save you a lot of money on health insurance and medical bills.

Exercise and weight loss generally go together, on this site we shall be providing the best health care and exercise tips along with advice on nutrition and all matters related to exercise equipment, health care, weight loss, slimming and keeping fit and healthy.

You can never be too rich or too healthy, but yes, you can be too thin. Nutrition and exercise are important to ensuring that your body remains as healthy as possible and you see your doctor as little as possible, particularly as health care is ever more privatized and if you don't have the necessary medical insurance it can be a financial nightmare.

So stay healthy, stay fit and save money !