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If you are interested in exercise and fitness training in general then take a look at this VideoJug video from John Spencer Ellis EdD - he gives lots of useful information about Muscle Fitness, Resistance Training, Strength Training, Muscle Loss, How to Avoid Injury or Pain, the Proper Way to Breathe While Strength Training, which exercise equipment to use for strength training, which exercise machines make a good home gym, and tips for using a treadmill.

You can even watch it while working out or exercising, thus learning and exercising at the same time.

For example one piece of advice he gives to the question "why is resistance training important?" First and foremost because it increases bone density and the strength/integrity of the bones.

How to avoid pain or injury or when strength training? The most important point is to make absolutely sure you are ready for the session. It must be something appropriate to your level of ability and health and medical history. Make sure you warm up properly, and start with a lighter weight when necessary.

Should women do weight training ?
Women really must lift weights. Weight training will reshape a woman's body more than any other activity and they won't bulk up However as women get older, calcium is not absorbed as well as before due to the menopause and the change in oestrogen levels. As a result women are more susceptible to osteopenia and osteoporosis. Weight training can help by stimulating metabolism, maintaining good posture and improving bone density.

But check out the video there is a lot more useful information for fitness training in general.

Build Muscle: Muscle Fitness

Tips for using a treadmill
First when using a treadmill you should only hold on to the handrails when absolutely necessary. Also try some of the different options that the treadmill has to eliminate any boredom.

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