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Exercise and Health - Yoga Standing Asanas Video

As you may know already yoga means union and hatha yoga is carried out with no exercise equipment with the possible exception of a yoga mat, - usually yoga is understood to mean union of the relative with the Absolute, or even of you with you ! , but it also means the removal of ignorance, as the relative is never separate from the Absolute and you are never separate from you - life is one, therefore no separation is possible and no union is necessary.

In the West yoga is often used as a means to keep fit, which it certainly is. Yoga execises will keep you supple and in good health. The only thing to remember with yoga is not to overdo anything, never stretch further than you can comfortably, progress in yoga is slow and steady. it is not a competition it is a form of meditation.

The following video is fairly basic but is well prsented and a good start to learning about yoga, as as standing exercises are a very important part of any yoga training program.

Yoga:Yoga: Standing Postures - Part 1

To discover more about yoga as a means of meditation I would recommend the teachings of Ramana Maharshi the greatest sage of the 20th century.

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