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Exercise Equipment - Inversion Tables

Inverting or inversion therapy has been practised for thousands of years by people doing yoga and was also recommended in Ancient Greece. Inversion tables can be very useful for alleviating back pain and stress. They are also increasing in popularity as a means to improve the health of your spine. Exercise Equipment Inversion Table

The benefits of using Inversion Tables

Inversion tables are a form of passive exercise equipment, unlike motorised treadmills which are a form of actvie exercise equipment. They are used to treat the negative effects of gravity notably back pain. Inverting helps your body fight the effects of gravity and is recognzed by doctors and therapists as an effective form of therapy for the spine, ankles and knees. They are even being used by the US Army.

Inverting can relieve many types of back pain.

When you lie upside down on an inversion tables gravity works to increase the space between the vertebrae and relieve pressure on the discs, nerves and ligaments in the spine.

Inverting the body for even just a few minutes can relax muscles and speed up the flow of lymph fluids. The speed with which pain disappears is determined by the speed at which waste products are removed and oxygen is introduced.

Discs fulfil the following roles :-

· they separate the vertebrae
· they ensure the spine is flexible
· they act as shock absorbers

If the distance between the vertebrae is too small pressure on the nerves can result in pain. Increasing the space between vertebrae will reduce the pressure on the discs.

Inverting is highly effective in reducing pressure.

Inversion also improves blood and lymph fluid circulation and speeds up cleansing

Inversion increases the flow of oxygen to the brain

Better blood supply and oxygen to the brain makes it function better and some people say it also improves skin colour and tone, increases alertness, and improves hearing and vision. It may even make the hair healthier, and grow back.

Inverting decongests the internal organs and can relieve varicose veins by clearing blood from your feet and legs.

(NB: People with high blood pressure should consult a doctor before embarking upon an inversion program.)

Inversion plus movement (bending and twisting from side to side, arching the back, and sitting up) can straigthen the spine

Inversion tables counter-effect the force of gravity and thousands of individuals find that inversion offers relief from back pain and rejuvenates the body.

Inversion tables cost between $200 and $1000. Two of the main brands are Stamina Products and Teeter but there are others

Inversion Table Demonstration Video

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